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Worship with Pastor Megan on YouTube!

Pastor Megan will post a worship video to YouTube at about 10:15am on Sunday March 22. You will find the
link below, on our Facebook feed (view on Social Media/Newsletter tab), or in your email box.
Please join your church family in worshiping together!
Worship Video Link:                                                         Sunday School Facebook Page - contact the church for details. 
Nugget from Nancy: 

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Dear Church family,
Your Administrative Council, after weighing much information and many needs, has decided to suspend all gatherings of our church through April. This includes worship, Bible studies, youth group, Sunday school, Wednesday Night Alive, etc. We do this with great sadness, as these gatherings are lifelines for us, our place to connect and recharge, and form ourselves and our community as disciples.
While these gatherings are suspended, the ministry of Jesus Christ goes on! We still have a mission to be Jesus to each other and our neighbors. We will carry out this mission in multiple ways:
·       Pastor Megan will be putting out almost daily messages and devotions via Facebook, our website, and email.
·       We are putting together a phone tree for those who don’t use the internet.
·       Nancy Crandall, our Youth Director, is reaching out to all youth and maintaining an increased presence in their social media. She is also producing a weekly
        Children’s message for our YouTube channel.
·       Our organist, Jamey Young, is producing music to appear on our YouTube channel.
·       A worship service is being released on YouTube Sunday mornings at about 10:15 AM. Links are found on our website, our Facebook page, and via email. You can
        also visit our YouTube channel, “Oregon United Methodist Church” to see previous services.
·       Pastor Megan is available for pastoral care via phone, text, email, and Messenger. You can also reach her through this website. She is also making phone calls to
        everyone in the congregation. If she hasn’t gotten to you yet, feel free to call her.
·       We are offering assistance to those who need help with groceries or other errands. Call or email the church and let us know your needs.
·       Coming soon: meetings and Bible study via Zoom, a website that allows voice and visual contact for meetings with multiple people. Please let Pastor Megan know
        if you would like to participate in a Bible study.
Here’s how you can participate and help:
·       Follow us on Facebook, or look at our website, or watch your email, or check out our YouTube channel. When you find something useful or meaningful, share it!
        Through you, our church can have a broad reach at this time. And comment, “like,” and subscribe to us. It let’s us know someone is listening, and allows us to
        have some virtual fellowship!
·       Participate in our greeting card ministry to Oregon Living and Rehabilitation Center, described below.
·       If you are a person that is at low risk from this illness and are willing to deliver food or run errands for someone that is at high risk, let us know.
·       Send your prayer requests to Pastor Megan. They will be part of our Sunday morning worship.
·       If you know someone who would benefit from supportive phone calls, let Pastor Megan know.
·       If you know someone who needs help with groceries or errands, let Pastor Megan know.
·       ​Reach out! Call your friends and neighbors. Use social media to contact those that might be lonely or need support. Just because we can’t gather in person 
        doesn’t mean we can’t have fellowship and care for each other. We just need to be creative, and maybe leave our comfort zones.
Siblings in Christ, this is a time to focus on Jesus’ call to love our neighbor. You now have a new ministry: reach out to others in Jesus’ name. Every person is suffering in some way because of this pandemic, and some are suffering profoundly. You can do much good in this situation through the phone, texts, email, and social media.
The headlines about rising numbers of the ill and grocery stores being emptied are frightening. The strategy of “social isolation” is slowing the spread of illness, but increasing our anxiety and sense of being alone. This isn’t necessary when we have each other. Let’s make this church (that means YOU, not a building) a haven of peace and hope for our community. As our youth director, Nancy Crandall says, “…in the midst of this chaos, God is ever-present. His is a peace that passes all understanding.”
Let’s be that peace to each other. Be kind. Reach out in the ways that are safe for you. You are not alone; you are never alone in the arms of our God who loves you, and in the ministry of this church!

Our ministry continues….
We had a very successful food drive for Lifeline on Saturday, March 21. We collected 4 tables of food, and collected more than $320!
Now…please participate in our next outreach ministry! Pastor Megan called Oregon Living and Rehabilitation Center, and spoke with Danielle Hermes, the director of recreation. She said they were doing well in their isolation without visitors, but that the residents were becoming bored. She thought that receiving cards in the mail would create a little excitement!
So, here is a ministry that all can do from your own home—send a greeting card to the residents. Please don’t just sign it; make it interesting. Write a note and tell about yourself. Include children’s artwork, or your own. Tuck in pictures or articles. The more unique and special you make it, the more joy it will create.
Cards can be sent addressed as below:
c/o Danielle Hermes
Oregon Living and Rehabilitation Center
811 S. 10th St.
Oregon, IL  61061
If you send cards, please let us know! It would be great to know what kind of an impact we are making! If you can think of other ways we can be in ministry to our neighbors while we are “socially distanced,” please tell Pastor Megan.

Daily Devotions

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